Chicken Tikka Bhuna

£7.95 Boneless barbecued chicken pieces, flavoured with green peppers, cooked with tomatoes & ground spices

Butter Chicken

£7.95 Lightly spiced, medium hot, cooked with butter. Contains nuts/dairy

Chicken Makhani

£7.95 Mild cooked with butter & cheese. Contains dairy

Chicken Bakera

£7.95 Chicken tikka, cooked with minced lamb in rich medium sauce

Chicken Tikka Mango

£7.95 Cooked with mixed nuts & mango in a butter sauce

Ginger Chicken Tikka

£7.95 Cooked with ginger & herbs, mild

Chicken Tikka Masala

£7.95 Mild & creamy, cooked in a special sauce with herbs, spices, almond & coconut. Contains nuts/dairy

Peri Peri Chicken

£7.95 Unmistakable flavour with a kick of heat that gently builds on the tongue and culminates in a full-body experience

Chef's Special Vegetables

£6.95Slightly spiced mixed vegetables cooked with chick peas and green peppers


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